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V-waist Leggings Grey NEW
V-waist Leggings Grey NEW
Boombody V-waist leggings grey
Boombody V-waist leggings grey
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I ordered V-waist leggings and they are really good! Your undies wont see-through during squats and the material is super soft.
And you don't have to be pulling them up during workout!

Renewed model! Classic with a flattering V-shape cut. Durable fabric that lasts!

  • Squat proof not see through and stays up due to the higher waist
  • V-shaped waist band that won't dig in, is comfortable, high enough, flatters and accentuates the waist.
  • High-rise You are safe to move as you like, no more showing your undies.
  • Perfect for Active life, whether it's heavy workouts or just living in the movement.
  • Boombody is designed by active women, for active women.
  • Ethically Made in Brazil


    Fabric: Supplex®

    • Freedom of movement, yet firm
    • Remain soft after repeat washing
    • Doesn't not shrink
    • Highly breathable
    • During wear,  fabric keeps you cool and dry, drying much faster than cotton.
    • Flexible and softer than standard nylon.
    • Perfect for gym, indoor and outdoor sports, and day-to-day activities.
    • Provides UV protection of SPF 40 


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