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boombody top black front
boombody top black front
Boombody top black back
Boombody top black back
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Boombody Halter Top is designed to pair with high waisted leggings, so it's not too long, but not too short either. It works perfectly with all Boombody leggings!

  • Sporty cut  covers the chest and let's arms move freely
  • Tight model  stays in place, even if you are upside down
  • Semi short Doesn't come over your leggings, but covers more than a crop top
  • Boombody is designed by active women for active women.
  • Made in EU


-  Length 42cm

M - Length 46cm

L - Length 51cm


90% Cotton - Breathing and not slippery

10% Elastan - Giving some stretch

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