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Boombody was established in 2012, initially importing workout clothing. Our retail selection included bold and colourful clothing, as well as bikinis from Brazil and around the world.

The colours and models were good-looking, but I soon noticed the challenges of importing. Sometimes the quality wasn’t what was expected, the South American models were challenging in Finnish environments and sizing charts. The quick changing of collections prevented the proper testing of items, and due to the vast number of middlemen the prices increased, although the quality did not necessarily. I realised that many clothes were left unappreciated in my store and also in my own wardrobe. At this time, we also had a lot of customer returns. Only the most comfortable and highest quality clothes got used. I came to the conclusion that this was not right, and I did not want my business to continue in this way. Manufacturing clothes always uses resources and all clothing is sewn by humans. So even one unnecessary garment is too much and consumes these resources

Thus, I founded Boombody’s own brand, because this meant I could personally be specific about the quality, define the sizing and design the models as I wished. In our consumption society, trends come and go, so I wanted to concentrate on the clothes that really get used. The ones that are used a lot and often. Clothing that has the quality to withstand heavy use. I personally workout on a daily basis and I am a very active person, so I know what is required from active wear. The body and the mind demand movement, and clothing is supposed to make this possible. Not only workouts, but also commute exercise, stretching during the day, playing with (or without) your children or just total relaxing. Our clothing combines comfort, appearance, quality and ethical manufacturing. They are meant for sports and leisure time.

Boombody clothes are manufactured under fair employment conditions in Brazil. We selected Brazil because of good quality, long experience and a great partner.  Boombody clothes are not mass produced in large factories, but instead the designs are prepared by our partner and then sewn by small or family businesses.


Nowadays, the most popular and best models have made it to Boombody’s. We use high quality Supplex that really ensures heavy use. The colours that are used are neutral, which means they will suit with your other clothing. The models are timeless, and they are suitable for workouts and leisure time. Our clothing do not have big prints or large logos. You don't have to be a billboard for a company logo. We don't chase trends or prioritise looks over comfort.  With this, I hope we can fight against throwaway culture. Even my own wardrobe has shrunk significantly. A few pairs of good leggings replace 10 pairs of bad ones. Supplex’s ability to stretch and shrink back to its original state ensures that the leggings fit even if the size changes. There is no need to buy a new pair.

In 2018, we opened our highly demanded international online store. We aim to further develop our operations, products and store and provide interesting content to you. In our products, we aim to develop our models and source environmentally friendly, yet high quality, options.

We aim to reduce consumption and scale down our customers’ wardrobes. I hope you will find the leggings from us that will replace several others. As a company, I hope we activate you to move and think.

Boombody has a passion for active life, where uncomfortable clothes do not stop you from doing the things you want. Boombody is about appreciating your own body and everything it is capable of doing. We believe that everybody's life, time and energy are valuable, and everyone should truly be able to enjoy them. As a company, we have an obligation to improve and not exploit. Let's use products not people. Let's celebrate life not materials and consumption.

Made for moving. Made for traveling. Made for playing. Made for relaxing. Made for transitions.

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